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To "Relieve pain and extend lifespan" is the reason whey health industry has certain social status, and both its experience and science have been confirmed.
"Prevention is better than cure", predictive, preventive, participatory and personalized models, and precision medical concepts have been penetrating into preventive medicine and examination fields. But LEADERCLINIC thinks that health examination can only conducted for "Early discovery and early treatment", it is absolutely not the entire or main axis of preventive medicine. To prevent disease from occurring and reduce invasion probability depend on strengthening health cognition and lifestyle adjustment at ordinary times. Early health management can not only stay away from disease, but also safeguard a better life quality.
LEADERCLINIC hopes that health examination will no longer be the cold documents full of strange numbers, health information is not the book without words or parrot-learned pseudo-knowledge, and health management is not the impressive meaningless slogan, through making the best of these, we want to be your health guardian.
Personal health examination plan
Specialist Health check Plan- Standard
Health check with for early intervention and lifestyle improvement.

There are two optional packages for different healthy topic:

(1) Digestive tract examination 

(2) Cardiovascular examination

Specialist Health check Plan- Advanced
Health check with precision medicine for early intervention and lifestyle improvement. We provide health risk assessment and personal health improvement solution to predict and prevent potential diseases.

There are two optional packages for different healthy topic:

(1) Advanced digestive tract image and lung cancer related examination

(2) Advanced cardiovascular examination

Stomach & Heart caring package
According to the survey of National Health Service, with increasing life pressure and westernized diet, the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases in the citizens has becoming younger and younger, therefore, LEADERCLINIC plans for the professional elites being busy for a long time, and assesses the risk factor of cardiovascular diseases through advanced instruments.
  • Examination on blood fat, blood pressure, C-reactive protein and A type lipoprotein etc. for assessing the risk of cardiovascular disease.
  • Cardiovascular related image examinations, such as echocardiogram, carotid duplex ultrasound, assess the risk of myocardial infarction and stroke at early stage.
  • Autonomic nerve pressure detection and body fat analysis, can further understand all kinds of potential possibilities causing cardiovascular diseases.
men or women over 30 years old, with diseases history of high blood pressure, high blood fat and high blood sugar, or with family medical history of cardiovascular disease.
2021 Health Checkup Program (Women)
2021 Health Checkup Program (Men)
Senior package
Teenager package
Government Officer package
LEADERCLINIC specially plans for professional elites who are frequently in social engagement, eating outside and having irregular three meals due to being busy for a long time, and carries out examination on the functions of upper and lower digestive tracts, liver, gallbladder, intestines, stomach and kidney etc.
  • Digestive tract image examination, electronic colorectal and gastric endoscopy for upper and lower digestive tracts, mainly includes checking whether there is pathology such as polyp, anabrosis and tumor etc. in the stomach, duodenum, large intestine, rectum and anus.
  • Image examination such as abdominal X-ray and abdominal ultrasound etc., in coordination with B and C hepatitis antigens and antibody detection and detection on relevant indexes of digestion system.
  • Digestion system related oral health examination can find out all kinds of links might affect the health of gastrointestinal tract.  

Program $8,000:Digestive tract program/Cardiovascular program/Gynecology program


Program $16,000:Digestive tract program/Cardiovascular program

Medical Tourism Service
International Health Check-up Service Program

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Our health/medical services have covered overseas VIP groups and foreign clients since 2009. Those international clients are mainly from China, United States, Canada, Japan, etc. The client number we receive per year is around 300. Importantly, we also received high compliments regarding our good public transportation, medical facilities and personalized health services.


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Please kindly find the appointment and the follow-up health management flow charts as below 5.2:

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Optional items
Customized detection, more healthy! Health problems can be different due to the gender, age, genetic factor, environmental factors and living habit, so everyone has quite different demands on health. In respond to the coming of age of personal health demand, LEADERCLINIC team carefully plans special optional items, providing high-tech instrument of medical center level to find out the special health problems closely related to you at early stage.
All-around health screening items, listen to your voice
LEADERCLINIC attaches importance to establish long-term and close professional health consultant relationship with you, in order to take care of your health, we have assembled the biomedicine, clinical medicine, disease prevention medicine, behavioral medicine, psychology, nutriology and physical fitness as a whole, namely the all-around health management service system, and have constructed entity and virtual health management network all through the year to provide personalized service anytime and anywhere; so as to satisfy your demand in pursuit of high quality health and high standard of living, and provide a series of health services and prevention schemes such as health risk assessment, health screening, health promotion and chronic disease management etc.
Personalize my health examination, planning for you completely
LEADERCLINIC is able to utilize the effective resources in the most efficient health management plan. Physical examination cannot equals to health management, the true health service must implant relatively accurate calculation, measurement index and professional resources, carry out analysis on health risk factors, propose personal optimized health quantitative risk assessment, offer health promotion plan, and give accompanying and professional guidance in the process. LEADERCLINIC is able to design optimized health management scheme according to personal health conditions and economic capability, letting every expenditure effectively invest in the health!
Health screening notice
Health examination daily process
觀光醫療健檢預約流程 Medical Tourism Service Reservation Procedure
觀光醫療健檢流程 Medical Tourism Service procedure
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