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It is forbidden for any Internet service provider to transcribe the contents of the Internet information for viewing. However, those who enter the website (domain) of this medical institution through internet search or hyperlink are not limited to this.


All designs, pages and contents (including texts, diagrams, audio video, program, layout) and information etc. of the website, and all kinds of rights and intellectual property rights (including but not limited to copyright, patent right, trademark right etc.) thereof are owned by LeaderClinic (hereinafter referred to as LEADERCLINIC). Unless with public or written consent of LEADERCLINIC, any form of copy, transcription, change, public transmission, sales or other illegal use is prohibited, otherwise the Company will prosecute and ask for compensation pursuant to law.


Intellectual property right protection

The intellectual property rights of all texts, company names, audio videos, pictures, photos and information of this website are owned by LeaderClinic. You shall not change any information and data of this website, and shall keep all intellectual property rights descriptions and other exclusive rights descriptions recorded in such information and data. Without prior written permission of LEADERCLINIC, you shall not copy, distribute, reproduce, display, play or transmit this website and its data in any manner, or store it at information retrieval system. The provision of information and data does not mean that LEADERCLINIC grants you the permission on any copyright, patent or any other intellectual property rights.


Limiting guarantee

For any information and data including texts, diagrams or other items recorded in this website and other websites linking thereto, they can be amended or updated without further notice and will be provided under "current condition". LEADERCLINIC does not guarantee the accuracy, reliability or integrity of such information and data; nor provide any implied, expressed or legal statement and guarantee, including but not limited to the guarantee related to non-infringement, ownership, marketability, quality, suitability for certain specific purpose and free of computer virus.



Under any circumstance, LEADERCLINIC will not have to assume the responsibility for any direct, indirect, special or consequential loss arising from the use of this website or other websites connected thereto, including but not limited to outleakage of any personal information and loss of relevant health examination data etc., even leaderclinic is explicitly informed of the possibility of such damage. The risks of using such websites will be borne by the users themselves.


Content amendment 

LEADERCLINIC can amend such clauses by updating this announcement at any time, through using this website, you agree to be bound by such amendments. You shall visit this page regularly to confirm the current clauses binding on you.