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Right of Privacy

Dear distinguished guests,

In order to respect the privacy and protection of personal information, we hereby make the following statements to explain to all distinguished guests about the matters such as the method of online collection of user personal information, scope, utilization method, and inquiry or correction method etc. conducted by LeaderClinic and its affiliated enterprise. The following statements are applicable to the following related website, but not applicable to other websites or webpages linked to this website, the Clinic will not bear any joint and several liability, please read the privacy right policy of such websites or webpages.



1. For the collection of personal information, we comply with the "Personal Information Protection Act" of the Republic of China.

2. If you merely browse the website information, the Clinic will not collect your personal information. The Website will not collect any of your personal information without prior notice. If you want to understand the products of the Clinic or need to contact us, for the necessity of subsequent contact and service, the Clinic will ask you to fill in necessary personal information, such as name, gender, age, email, contact number, contact address etc., after filling in and sending out, it will be indicated that you agree upon the storage or management of such information by the Clinic or affiliated enterprise of the Clinic. The purpose thereof is to contact you to complete the subscription process for health examination, and assist in providing you more integrated personal health management service; if relevant information is not the required item, not providing it will not affect your rights and interests, but if the column of specific information is the required column, not providing such information will not be able to use related products and services.

3. After you have sent out the information, the Clinic and affiliated enterprise of the Clinic will provide the service related information according to the email address, mobile phone number or telephone number filled in by you, or use them for investigation and analysis.

4. The personal information obtained by the Website is only provided internally according to the use purpose and application scope originally described. Unless with prior description or pursuant to the provisions of relevant laws, the Website will not provide user personal information to any third person or use it for other purposes, and internal personnel are strictly prohibited to use such information privately.

5. Please properly keep any of your personal information and do not provide any personal information to any person. After you have completed filling in online subscription information and the change of relevant information, please do remember to log out, if you are sharing computer with other person or using public computer, please do remember to close browser window to prevent others from collecting and using your personal information. All Internet public behaviors shall comply with domestic and overseas laws and regulations, and shall bear full responsibility for the circumstances arising from personal account and password.

6. In order to provide you the most appropriate and integrated health management service, and assist you to establish the right health care concept, you hereby agree and allow the Clinic and affiliated enterprise or partner of the Clinic to use your personal information within the necessary scope of foregoing purpose during and in the operation period and district of the Clinic as permitted by laws and decrees.

7. For your personal information, if you need to inquire about and access to, duplicate, supplement or correct, stop computer processing and utilizing, or delete it, you can send an email to contact "LeaderClinic customer service mailbox at", and we will handle immediately. If you propose the preceding requests, it will be deemed as you apply for stop using the website of LeaderClinic and all services thereof at the same time.

8. This guarantee of privacy right will become effective after you have filled in the information, should you have any doubt about the privacy right policy of LeaderClinic website or personal information, you are welcomed to send an email to contact "LeaderClinic customer service mailbox at",


9. In respond to the change of social environment, business demand, science and technology development and amendment of laws and decrees etc., the Clinic will amend and publish this policy from time to time, please read it online at any time to safeguard your rights and interests.